Dating your house

How to find the age of your house through records at City Hall and through the style of architecture.

Demolition Mama


Suzanne Wilson has photographed more than 3,300 North Vancouver houses that are now demolished. She has posted pictures and the social history of many of them are on her blog site.

The Livestock Building


During WW2 more than 3,000 Japanese-Canadian women and children were ripped from their homes and housed in the Livestock Building in Hastings Park

Wing Sang Building


The Wing Sang Building at 51 East Pender Street, Vancouver was built by Yip Sang in 1889. He lived here with his three wives and his 23 children, and ran an opium factory, a bank and a travel agency.

Lights out?


Serge Pare is the lightkeeper at Green Island, one of 27 lighthouses still manned in British Columbia.

Who Lived in Your House?


John Davis was able to learn a lot about the houses that he renovated on West 10th Avenue, Vancouver when former owners dropped around photos, old letters and memories.

The Old Victorian


How I toured my father’s childhood house in Ballarat and told the owners about the social history of their heritage house.

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