Chuck Davis


I wrote about Jimmy Cunningham last week, the name behind the run around Stanley Park that happens every Halloween. I found out about him through a website created by Chuck Davis. Like the guy himself, it’s an amazing resource about our city.

James Cunningham and the Stanley Park Seawall


If you’re planning to enter the James Cunningham Seawall Race this month, spare a thought for its namesake, Jimmy Cunningham. The little Scotsman spent 32 years of his life heaving granite blocks weighing hundreds of pounds and built over half of the 9.5 kilometre wall.

BC Binning and the Heritage Inventory


Most municipalities have a heritage inventory that includes houses built before 1940. Makes sense doesn’t it? When you think heritage you think old. But actually heritage can be 20 years old, and that can surprise a new home owner wanting to renovate or demolish who is suddenly hauled in front of a heritage commission.

A Love Story


Infighting at The Land Conservancy seems to have reached a crescendo this past week as present and former board members air out their differences in the media.

Is your house on a Heritage Register?

The Vancouver Heritage Register, for instance, lists over 2,200 buildings and historical landmarks. If your house is on a register there are all sorts of incentives and grants up for grabs.

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