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Samuel Maclure and the Clayburn brick factory


There’s a story in the Vancouver Sun today about the closing of the Clayburn brick factory—a business that started up in Abbotsford over a century ago. What caught my attention wasn’t so much its closure—bricks are out of fashion, artificial stone and concrete blocks are in apparently—but the fact that this company was started by the fascinating Maclure family.

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Fred Thornton Hollingsworth


Fred Thornton Hollingsworth met Frank Lloyd Wright in 1951 and turned down a job to work with the legend. Instead the architect stayed in Canada and is responsible for the look of post war North Vancouver.

BC Binning and the Heritage Inventory


Most municipalities have a heritage inventory that includes houses built before 1940. Makes sense doesn’t it? When you think heritage you think old. But actually heritage can be 20 years old, and that can surprise a new home owner wanting to renovate or demolish who is suddenly hauled in front of a heritage commission.

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