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E.J. Hughes


Last month Coastal Boats Near Sidney sold for $1.14 million, propelling E.J. Hughes into an exclusive group of 12 Canadian artists who have sold paintings for more than a million dollars.

I love his work and thought he had always lived on Vancouver Island, so I was interested in his Vancouver connection.

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Suzanne Wilson


Suzanne Wilson spent 10 years shooting photographs of North Vancouver houses either about to be torn down or in the throes of construction. Her project “Demolition and Construction” consists of 4,500 black and white photos and is available at the North Vancouver Museum and Archives. She started her second “churches on Sundays” in January 2011 and posts once a week.

Chesterfield House


I’m all for carriage houses, granny flats, laneway homes and any other type of creative housing that’s under 750 square feet and keeps elderly parents close by, increases density where it makes sense, and provides more rental space. What I really hate is when developers bend the rules to create large footprints and unaffordable houses.

Fred Thornton Hollingsworth


Fred Thornton Hollingsworth met Frank Lloyd Wright in 1951 and turned down a job to work with the legend. Instead the architect stayed in Canada and is responsible for the look of post war North Vancouver.

BC Binning and the Heritage Inventory


Most municipalities have a heritage inventory that includes houses built before 1940. Makes sense doesn’t it? When you think heritage you think old. But actually heritage can be 20 years old, and that can surprise a new home owner wanting to renovate or demolish who is suddenly hauled in front of a heritage commission.

Demolition Mama


Suzanne Wilson has photographed more than 3,300 North Vancouver houses that are now demolished. She has posted pictures and the social history of many of them are on her blog site.

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