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Suzanne Wilson


Suzanne Wilson spent 10 years shooting photographs of North Vancouver houses either about to be torn down or in the throes of construction. Her project “Demolition and Construction” consists of 4,500 black and white photos and is available at the North Vancouver Museum and Archives. She started her second “churches on Sundays” in January 2011 and posts once a week.

On Film: Vancouver at Work and at Play

As the archivist for the CBC in Vancouver, Colin Preston looks after more than 250,000 items and programmes on film and videotape. And, as he’ll tell you, it’s the best historical archive of film footage west of Toronto.

Is your house on a Heritage Register?

The Vancouver Heritage Register, for instance, lists over 2,200 buildings and historical landmarks. If your house is on a register there are all sorts of incentives and grants up for grabs.

City Directories


The City Directories date back to 1860 and hold a wealth of information including the name of the resident or owner, their occupation, and other household members.

Dating your house

How to find the age of your house through records at City Hall and through the style of architecture.

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