Top 10 Facebook Group Pages for 2016

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For my last post of the year, I’ve chosen the top 10 Facebook group pages. This list is highly subjective and based on a loose criteria—they have to deal with some aspect of the history of Greater Vancouver or Victoria, and you have to be able to see the posts without having to join (I’m intrigued by East Vancouver Selfies and Lululemon Barter Wars, but fear either rejection or disappointment).

10,721 members

  1. Nostalgic/Sentimental Vancouver (10, 721 members)

I’m addicted to this page. I love that people are scanning photos from the family album and posting everything from Mum and Dad outside some long-lost house, to old posters, postcards and clubs. I also love the comments—it’s like time travel. Administrator and North Van resident Michael Arnold started the page about six years ago, and says half his members are ex pats from all over wanting to reconnect with Vancouver. The rest are locals, and a mixture of those who have moved to the ‘burbs and don’t make it into the city too often.


2. Old Victoria (13,015 members)

Similar to Nostalgic above, this is a fun, friendly, member-driven site.


3. I grew up in West Vancouver (3,225 members)

A mixture of anything to do with West Van. My favourites are the mid-century architectural photos from people who lived in the houses


4. BC Nautical History (2,506 members)

For people who have an affinity for water and the things that float on it


5. Kitsilano Then and Now (1,776 members)

It’s West Vancouver with a west side touch


6. Lynn Valley Love (1,711 members)

For those of us who have lived and loved Lynn Valley.


7. Historic Hotels and Pubs (633 members)

Glen Mofford has amazing knowledge of old pubs and their artifacts. I’m not sure if his recent book Aqua Vitae came out of this page or the page came out of the book, but worth checking out both.


8. Cold Case Canada (544 members)

Full disclosure, this is my page, and it evolved from my book Cold Case Vancouver. I wanted to recognize victims of unsolved murders and give people a place to talk about their loved ones; maybe even solve a murder. That hasn’t happened yet, but you never know.


9. Fraserview Baby Boomers (447 members)

For those who grew up in Fraserview (bordered by 41st Avenue, Fraser Street, Kerr Street and the Fraser River)


10. Vancouver Vintage Posters (299 members) Quirky site of theatre, club and concert postings

Please add your favourite group pages in the comment section below!

For my top 10 Facebook pages with a hint of history for 2015 see: Making History with Facebook 2015

Happy New Year and thanks for following my blog!

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  1. Happy New Year Eve and thank-you for adding my humble Facebook group, Historic Hotels and Pubs of British Columbia into your top ten. I belong to a few of these groups on your list, but now I will be visiting all of them to see what they have to offer. I love your books and your website; all the best to you and your family in 2017.

  2. Unfortunately nostalgic /sentimental Vancouver has been discontinued loved it too having been born and raised in Vancouver in the 40s

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