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Seaplane Crashes Through West End Roof


This is one of my favourite finds at the Vancouver Archives. The house at 755 Bute Street is long gone, but was once owned by Dr. James Farish, a Vancouver ear, eye and nose specialist. On September 4, 1918, Victor Bishop, 23, was home on leave from the War, when the builders—Jimmy and Henry Hoffar, asked him to take their seaplane for a test spin over Burrard Inlet.

Chuck Davis (1935-2010)


It’s too bad Chuck couldn’t be at his memorial service this afternoon. He would have loved it. For starters there were a couple of hundred people there—a totally eclectic crowd, pretty much like the guy himself. The only thing we had in common was that Chuck had touched us all in some way.

Local legends Dal Richards and Red Robinson were there.

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Pharmasave Neon Sign


Wondering what happened to the neon “DRUGS” sign that once sat on top of the Pharmasave building in Edgemont Village?The building is long gone. Pharmasave moved across the street and didn’t want to move the sign with them. The new building, now an HSBC bank, didn’t want a sign that has no bearing on its business.

Chuck Davis


I wrote about Jimmy Cunningham last week, the name behind the run around Stanley Park that happens every Halloween. I found out about him through a website created by Chuck Davis. Like the guy himself, it’s an amazing resource about our city.

James Cunningham and the Stanley Park Seawall


If you’re planning to enter the James Cunningham Seawall Race this month, spare a thought for its namesake, Jimmy Cunningham. The little Scotsman spent 32 years of his life heaving granite blocks weighing hundreds of pounds and built over half of the 9.5 kilometre wall.

Wing Sang Building


The Wing Sang Building at 51 East Pender Street, Vancouver was built by Yip Sang in 1889. He lived here with his three wives and his 23 children, and ran an opium factory, a bank and a travel agency.

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